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Caving on the Mendip Hills

Experience true adventure by exploring the world beneath your feet. Underground caverns hundreds of feet deep and miles long, some with rivers flowing through them, provide us with endless opportunities for excitement and wonder.

Mendip is are an area of limestone plateau some 1000ft high located south of Bristol in Somerset and stretches from Weston-Super-Mare in the west to Frome in the east. Mendip contains the well known show caves, Wookey Hole (near Wells) and Goughs Cave ( in Cheddar Gorge). In addition there are the numerous wild caves not accessible to the average tourist.

Mendip Caving Group

Cavers preparing for a trip to Upper Flood Swallet

The Mendip Caving Group (MCG) has played an active part in caving life for over 50 years. Originally a London based club it now has around 100 members from all over the country and abroad.

Cavers come from all walks of life and are all shapes and sizes, and the MCG is no exception! We pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere and warm welcome, with regular social events as well as caving. We are also keen to encourage beginners into the sport so they too can experience the adventure...

Wild Caving

Cueva Colibiri, Argentina

The caves on Mendip are challenging and varied. With watercourses, tight squeezes, mud, awkward pitches and large open chambers, in other words, something for everyone. And, as if Mendip wasn't enough, the club organises expeditions overseas as well as other parts of the UK.

The MCG has it's own caving equipment (ladders, ropes, etc) for tackling all the caves on Mendip. Personal gear (lights, helmets and harnesses, oversuits) can all be hired or purchased locally if you don't have your own.


MCG Cottage, Mendip

The MCG Cottage near Charterhouse-on-Mendip provides bunkhouse style accommodation for up to 30 people.

It is equipped with electric storage heating, hot showers, kitchen with ample cooking and dining facilities, and a comfortable lounge with open fire. There is an extensive library and the tackle store is well stocked with ladders, ropes, etc. Outside is ample car parking and a hosing down area for cleaning tackle and kit.

New members

We are always looking for new members to join our group. The MCG is a registered charity, and membership is open to all. We welcome applications from experienced cavers and beginners alike. If you are looking for a friendly and competent group to share your caving trips, we would be pleased to see you. If you have never caved before and would like to try it, you will be well looked after.

The best way to join is to come along to one of our regular monthly meets on Mendip. These are usually held on the first Fri/Sat/Sun of the month at our headquarters, Nordrach Cottage.

For more details, please contact us

There are four classes of membership as follows:

(a) FULL MEMBERS, i.e. people who have been probationary members for at least six months, who have completed a training trip (as defined by the Committee) and who have been approved for full membership by a majority vote at a Committee meeting.

(b) PROBATIONARY MEMBERS, i.e. people who have been proposed by two full members, who have attended at least one Group meet where Committee members were present, and who have been accepted as probationary members by a majority vote at a Committee meeting.

(c) ASSOCIATE MEMBERS, i.e. either:

(i) former full members who are unable to play a full part in Group activities, but who wish to continue their association with the Group. Their change of membership requires the approval of a majority vote at a Committee meeting. Or:

(ii) persons who wish to become members of the Group, but who are unable to take part in the regular caving activities and who have been approved by a majority vote at a Committee meeting.

(d) HONORARY MEMBERS, i.e. people who have given exceptional service to the Group. Election to this class of membership requires a unanimous vote of the Committee.

Note: Persons aged under 16 years may be sponsored by a member and attend meetings as their guests.

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Mendip Caving Group. UK Charity Number 270088. The object of the Group is, for the benefit of the public, the furtherance of all aspects of the exploration, scientific study and conservation of caves and related features. Membership shall be open to anyone over the age of 18 years with an interest in the objects of the Group.