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Spain 2011 plans

Villaluenga del Rosario here we go again. Like 2010 our caving trips are going to be split in two or more groups as this year we will be 50% more people taking part in the expedition.



Spain 2010 report

Almost since he first joined the MCG, Miguel Tome waxed lyrical about caving 'back home'. Whilst up to our eyeballs in mud and freezing water digging away in Battery Swallet he could be heard to exclaim, 'There is no mud in the caves of Andalucia..' ...


Tenerife 2010 report

Back in June, Hayley and I gate crashed what has become a regular Wessex Cave Club holiday to Tenerife...


Spain 2010 plans

15 days, 3 National Parks, 2 canyoning trips and 10 caving trips including Sima GESM - a 1100m deep cave. MCG will be working with the team that has been exploring Sima GESM since 2002 and who reached the new depth of 1100m. ...



Jamaica 2009

2 weeks in Jamaica - not somewhere I had planned to go but as some of my in-laws were planning a family celebration...



Korea 2008

This is another one of those 'we were looking for an excuse to go there' caving trips but it's a long way ...


No reports available?


Las Lenas Argentina 2006

Our focus was to really crack open the potential of the caves at Las Leñas including Cueva Naranja, Cueva Langosta, and Cueva de la Nieve.... more...


No reports available?


Argentina Argentina 2004

The 5th visit of the MCG to Argentina and definitely the most successful so far. The task in hand was to finish off the exploration of Poti Malal and complete the survey of Cueva Miranda, which was discovered on the last day of our expedition last year. .... more...


Las Lenas Argentina 2003

This year our key goal was to try and push the end of Brujas as we had managed to obtain permission from the park authorities to explore it. This was to be the first time in years that cavers would be able to obtain access to the system.... more...


Argentina 2002 Argentina 2002

This was our third visit to Malargüe and the focus this year was to be the Late Jurassic gypsum outcrops of the Poti Malal valley....more...

Argentina 2002 Argentina 2002, in Spanish

Fue nuestra tercera visita a Malargüe y el foco este ano era el yeso expuesto del fin de periodo jurásico del valle de Poti Malal... mas...

Greece 2002 Greece 2002

Well normally at this time of year we're off to Mallorca for our winter caving, but for various reasons we ended up doing something different...more...


Las Lenas Argentina 2001

The primary objective of the expedition was to survey Cueva Federación, a new discovery found during last year's visit...more...

Austria Austria 2001

Unlike previous years when the expedition personnel resided up at the Wiesberghaus we were to be based in a campsite in Obertraun. And with G5 having effectively been pushed to a conclusion we were to be looking for new sites....more...


Mexico 2000 Mexico 2000

Rio La Venta canyon runs through the limestone highlands of Chiapas for 90 km and in places is almost 1000 metres deep. Most of its route passes through the EL Ocote Biosphere Reserve, an area of thick rainforest which is home to endangered species...more...

Dachstein Austria 2000

This trip proved to be a relatively straightforward carry despite the strange canvas bag, nicknamed "The Slug" and normally resident at the Belfry, that I was portering the kit in...more...

Argentina 2000 Argentina 2000

I was reading the Caver's Digest and I noticed an article on this conference. I pursued its web links and decided that it would be interesting to go caving in South America...more...


France 1995 France 1995

The Chartreuse Massif is located to the north of Grenoble and to the south of Chambery. Geographically it is bordered by the Isère to the east and south, and by the floodplain of the Guiers to the west. Spelaeologically its main significance is that it contains two of the largest resurgences in France: Reseau de lAlpe and the Guiers Morts more...


Lechuguilla 1994 Lechuguilla 1994

After attending the NSS convention I spent a little over a month in the UK before returning to the States to take part in an expedition into Lechuguilla Cave. The expedition was organised by the Lechuguilla Exploration and Research Network (LEARN). However, access to the cave is controlled by the National Park Service who reserve the right to assign two people to each expedition. I was one of these. more.....

coahuila 1994 Coahuila 1994

On Monday 13 June 1 994, 21 cavers from the USA, Canada and the UK drove down from Texas into the Coahuila desert of northern Mexico. The trip had been organised by Peter Sprouse who also provided a fair chunk of the transport in the form of a 1954 4-wheel drive Dodge Power Wagon. Unfortunately it had only just been rebuilt and proved a little unreliable, but it has the potential for being the perfect caving vehicle. more.....


Czechoslovakia 1991 Czechoslovakia 1991

Following the dissolution of the eastern block over the last year or so exciting new karst areas have now been opened to the average British caver. One such area is located in the south of Czechoslovakia, an area known as Moravia, and it was in this area that most of our activities were centred more.....

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