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Nearby caves

Blackmoor Valley

Upper Flood Swallet - now over 4km long and 129m deep - Waterwheel Swallet, Grebe Swallet and Blackmoor Shaft (Stainsby's Shaft) are all just a short walk from the Cottage.

Nordrach, Ubley and Compton Martin area

Pintree Pot is less than 5 minutes walk away. Ubley Hill Pot, Rocket Drop Cave, Ubley Warren Swallet/Nettle Pot, Cairo Mine and Compton Martin Ochre Mine are all nearby.


Manor Farm Swallet, Longwood/August System, GB Cave, Tyning's Barrow Swallet, Rhino Rift are within 3 miles. If you drive, please consider parking at one of the occupied farms. It is possible to walk to the Charterhouse caves from the cottage or from Charterhouse Centre

Burrington Combe

Burrington Combe is less than 4 miles from the cottage - park at Burrington Cafe or in the quarry at Rock of Ages. Goatchurch Cavern, Sidcot Swallet and Avelines Hole are traditional novice caves but there are some sporting challenges as well in Pierre's Pot, Lionels Hole, Rod's Pot and Reads Cavern

Further afield

Swildon's Hole, Eastwater Cavern, St Cuthbert's Swallet, and Hunters Hole are all within a short car ride

Access and Keys

Some Mendip landowners require caves on their land to be gated and locked. MCG hold keys to many of these caves, and can issue Charterhouse Caving Permits and keys. Access can be made available to the following caves:

  • Attborough Swallet (Red Quar)
  • Balch Cave
  • Banwell Ochre Caves
  • Blackmoor Swallet (Stainsby's Shaft)
  • Bone Hole
  • Carcass Cave
  • Chardswell Cave
  • Charterhouse Cave
  • Compton Martin Ochre Mine
  • Coral Cave
  • Cuckoo Cleeves
  • Five Buddles Sink
  • Flower Pot
  • G.B. Cave
  • Hillier's Cave
  • Hillwithy Cave
  • Longwood Swallet
  • Longwood Valley Sink
  • Loxton Cave
  • Loxton Quarry Cave
  • Nettle Hole
  • Pinetree Pot
  • Priddy Green Sink
  • Read's Grotto
  • Rhino Rift
  • Singing River Mine
  • Star Shaft Mine
  • Upper Flood Swallet
  • Waterwheel Swallet (NB key only available to MCG Guests staying at Nordrach Cottage)
  • West Twin Brook Adit

Full details of access can be found on the CSCC website

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