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MCG Cave Surveys

This page is divided into 3 sections:

Surveys in the MCRA scheme

Surveys mot in the MCRA scheme

Upper Flood Swallet surveys

UBSS 3d survey of Upper Flood Swallet and associated caves

MCG surveys currently in the MCRA scheme

The surveys in this section were produced by members of the Mendip Caving Caving and were available in hard copy from the The Mendip Cave Survey Scheme (administered by Joan Goddard/MCG from 1999 until 2009) before they were transferred to the Mendip Cave Registry and Archive

The survey files are available here for download as reduced size JPEG images or PDF scans. These are reasonably adequate for printing, but if you require a copy of the original file (mainly high resolution TIFF format) please contact the MCRA

Although these surveys were produced many years ago and therefore do not include more recent discoveries / extensions, they remain adequate for those who have not visited these caves before provided that a guide book (such as Mendip Underground) is consulted for a description of routes and tackle requirements

The copyright for these surveys remains with the MCG/original authors. These images are made available only for personal, non-commercial use.

Click images to download the surveys from MCRA

Coopers Hole survey Goatchurch Cavern survey

Coopers Hole

© MCG / M A Rennie 1963, 2010

Goatchurch Cavern 1963

© MCG / Mike Rennie 1963, 2010

Longwood August System survey Longwood August System survey

Longwood August System

© MCG, Mike Rennie, AJ Knibbs, 1961-1984, 2010

Longwood August System

© MCG / Mike Rennie 1961, 2010

Longwood August System elevation Longwood August System upper series plan

Longwood August System elevation

© MCG / Mike Rennie 1961, 2010

Longwood August System upper series plan

© MCG / Mike Rennie 1961, 2010

Pinetree Pot survey Ubley Hill Pot survey

Pinetree Pot survey

© MCG / Rennie, Jackson, Cotter,
Catherine, Knibbs, Gibb 1962, 2010

Ubley Hill Pot survey

© MCG / Mike Rennie 1962, 2010

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MCG surveys not currently in the MCRA scheme

Bone Hole 2010 section Cooper's Hole plan 1960 Cooper's Hole plan 1960

Bone Hole 2010 section

© MCG 2010

Cooper's Hole 1960 plan

© MCG 1959, 2010

Cooper's Hole 1960 elevation

© MCG 1959, 2010

Goatchurch Cavern plan 1960 Goatchurch Cavern extended elevation 1960 Goatchurch Cavern plan 1960

Goatchurch Cavern 1960 plan

© MCG 1960, 2010

Goatchurch Cavern 1960 extended elevation

© MCG 1960, 2010

Goatchurch Cavern 1960 elevation

© MCG 1960, 2010

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Upper Flood Swallet surveys

The Upper Flood Swallet surveys are not currently in the MCRA scheme but are available in the Upper Flood Swallet section

Upper Flood survey

Quick link to Upper Flood Swallet Survey

Surveyed By: Ben Cooper (3689 m), Mike Richardson (2658 m), Tim Francis (713 m), Malcom Cotter (552 m), Julie Hesketh (551 m), Brian Snell (540 m), Peat Bennett (490 m), Linda Milne (424 m), Richard Carey (398 m), Ray Deasy (348 m), Andrew Atkinson (228 m), Bill Chadwick (223 m), Sonya Cotter (37 m), Mike Waterworth (34 m), Charlie Alison (14 m)

Licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License. Copyright 1996–2012 Mendip Caving Group

UBSS Charterhouse Area 3d Survey

Charterhouse area survey by UBSS

Survex 3D software required. Survex is probably the most commonly used cave survey software in the UK and its viewer is one of the most flexible and easy to use. You can download Survex for free. Alternatively, the files can be viewed using the "Therion" viewer. Therion can also be downloaded, from here, for free

Owing to the immense generosity of many Mendip caving clubs and cave surveyors in sharing their data with UBSS, they have been able to create a 3d file to the UBSS Cave Survey Archive page. This shows the Cheddar catchment, or at least that part of it that includes Cheddar Gorge, Velvet Bottom and the swallet caves on the south side of Blackdown.

Particular thanks are due to UBSS, Phil Rowsell, the Mendip Caving Group, Alex Crow, the late Willie Stanton and, of course, the Charterhouse cave team.

It is hoped/intended to keep this model growing as more data becomes available and as more archive data (UBSS still have lots) is transcribed and added to. If anyone has any data that they wish to contribute to this model (or to any of the others on the page linked to above) please let Graham Mullan know.

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