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We swig our ale with pleasure and with ease,

And the kind of songs we sing are sure to please.

We're the only buggers here who can take their drop of beer.

It's the tea that really brings us to our knees.

From the MCG song, written in 1961 by Pete Goddard, Simon Knight and Pat Walsh

Click here, or right-click and save file to listen to Simon Knight playing Irish reels on the melodeon at a Ceilidh in Bristol in 1997

Hunters Lodge Inn 1964

Shove Ha'penny, Hunters Lodge Inn 1964

Pat Walsh, P Venn, A Waters, Len Pearson

Socialising has always been an important part of Mendip caving, from beer and songs in the Hunter's Lodge Inn to the more formal Annual Dinners. Being more sophisticated than other clubs, we have a reputation for drinking tea rather than beer!

We usually arrange a social event on the first Fri/Sat/Sun of each month, ranging from a BBQ at the Cottage to the Annual Dinner in March/April

The tradition of singing caving songs is diminishing, but occasionally the Velvet Bottom Band will be found in the back room of the Hunters on a Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon

Cottage games are still popular, and you will often find MCG members attempting the Table Traverse or the Broom trick at the cottage, usually after a few pints!

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