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The MCG Song

The MCG has been associated with Mendip caving songs for as long as it has been associated with Mendip caving. In the 1950s, '60s and '70s, the singing of bawdy songs in the back room of the Hunters was an important part of the caving scene. This led to the composition of many caving songs, and in 1961 and 1962 the BEC held a Mendip Song Contest. You can find more details, along with the words and music of 37 original songs, in "Alfie's Manuscript Book Of Mendip Cavers' Songs" by Alfie Collins, a copy of which is held in the MCG library.

Following a suggestion that all the Mendip clubs may amalgamate, Alfie penned the Amalgamation Song ("We're the Axbridge Bristol Mendip Shepton Wessex Exploration Club....". MCG members Pete Goddard, Simon Knight and Pat Walsh then replied with a song, including the chorus: "The B.E.C., the Wessex and the Shepton, Can crawl up their amalgamated rectum" and the MCG song was born....

Music for the MCG Song

We are three members of the M.C.G.,
In the Hunters you will often find us lurking.
And if you're interested we will tell you why we're vested
With authority to lecture you on shirking.

The B.E.C., the Wessex and the Shepton
Can crawl up their amalgamated rectum

From Londinium to the Mendip hills we speed
In vehicles that are sometimes far from pretty.
We wear badges oh, so neat, and boots upon our feet,
But the rest of us is really rather nasty!

The B.E.C. etc

So when you see us coming through the door
And you wonder where you've seen that face before.
No need for you to chat away, t'be sure it was last Saturday,
Our old puke stains are still there on the floor.

The B.E.C. etc

We swig our ale with pleasure and with ease,
And the kind of songs we sing are sure to please.
We're the only beggers here who can take their drop of beer.
It's the tea that really brings us to our knees.

The B.E.C. etc

Now, someone said that once they'd seen us caving
Though who it was we never can agree.
But if we catch the lout, we'll sort the begger out!
For our drinking reputation is worth saving.

The B.E.C. etc

We've got ourselves a name for brewing tea,
And we must admit we do it liberally.
But while we're tippling tannin, the scheme that we are planning
Is to creep down to the B.E.C. for coffee. (with emphasis:) Forc Offee!!

The B.E.C. etc

You may wonder what we're up to all the week.
Well, our life up town is really rather shady.
We're often seen around Picadilly Underground,
Providing all the earnings of a high born lady. (with appropriate change of tune)

The B.E.C. etc

If you'd like a cottage built, you ought to see us.
We've built our own, we'll build you one as well.
We'll make it strong and high, and homely, warm, and dry,
And then we'll light the gas and run like Hell.

The B.E.C., the Wessex and the Shepton
Can crawl up their amalgamated rectum.

The last verse was added in about 1980.

One of the long-standing links between the MCG and music has been the Velvet Bottom Band. Almost as old as the club itself, the Velvet Bottom Band has provided music for MCG barn dances and other social events right up until the present

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